Special Occasion Parties

Are you looking for a Drum circle, workshop, performer, something new for your private or corporate party?
You’ve found it in Musical Minds! We are a group of percussionist, teachers, facilitators, musicians, and performers.

We specialize in leading and facilitating school programs, corporation events, community drum circles, Summer camps, nursing home facilities, block parties with the whole neighborhood swaying to the beat of the drums, and more.

Experience with us the thrill, the fun, the healing of the drum.

Your birthday, anniversary, or holiday party will be the talk of the town with Musical Minds!

Holiday parties:

Musical Minds will make your holiday party joyful, super- energetic, musical and fun!

We bring the fun and the music to you, along with crowd participation, rhythmic games, limbo, conga line, etc.

Everyone gets a drum and percussion instrument of their own.

We work hard at Musical Minds and guarantee to bring you a passionate drumming event like no other.You will experience the thrill, the fun and the healing of the drum.